15 July 2021 

Federal Liberal Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks MP has written to the Hon, Ben Morton MP, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Cabinet requesting the Morrison Government’s Deregulation Taskforce investigate the inefficient classifications of the Central Coast and its impact on our region, residents, and businesses. 

“I believe layers of government bureaucracy, red tape and the absence of a consistent classification and definition of the Central Coast has resulted in local businesses, community organisations, not-for-profits and residents and our region itself missing out on government programs, infrastructure spending and grants,” Ms Wicks said. 

“A quick survey across 22 different government departments and agencies, across all three levels of government, reveals the Central Coast region is lumped in twice as often with other regions than it is referred to in its own right. 

“This is an important issue for many across the Central Coast, and as such, I think it should be brought to the attention of all levels of government. 

“I will also be writing to the NSW Premier in relation to making the Central Coast a stand-alone region.” 


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