Congratulatory Messages

Acknowledge someone with a personal message from Lucy

Acknowledge someone with a personal message from Lucy

Congratulatory Messages 1

Congratulatory messages are a wonderful way to acknowledge a special milestone or achievement.

Messages come from a number of leaders and dignitaries including Her Majesty The Queen, the Prime Minister of Australia, the Premier of NSW, the Governor General of Australia, the Governor of NSW, and federal and state Members of Parliament.

Congratulatory messages can be requested for a number of milestones and achievements including Wedding Anniversaries (50th, 60th, 70th etc.) and Birthdays (90th, 100th etc.)

To ensure the best chance of the message arriving on time, you should arrange it no longer than two months in advance of the milestone.

If you are unable to submit the request within this timeframe, we will do our best to arrange the message for you on time. 

To nominate someone for a message, please fill out the form.